ASC presents its new gyroscopes (gyros) for industrial applications


This new range of ASC includes the series MEMS gyros ASC 271 and ASC 273. These gyros are intended
for navigation and pointing applications in the industrial, automotive and agriculture segments, among others.

The ASC 271 and ASC 273 gyros from ASC are analog output angular rate sensors. The gyros can be powered from 7 to 40 VDC supply
 where the output is independent of the supply. The sensors function over a wide temperature range from -40°C to +85°C and exhibit exceptional temperature stability.

The gyros have low bias instability, low non-linearity and withstand shocks as high as 10,000g (unpowered).

ASC's 271 and 273 series are available as uniaxial and triaxial models - protected by a lightweight
anodised aluminium housing.

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